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Kalaripayattu or Kalari is the first and the mother of all martial art forms in the world. The Kalari originated in South India and there are two styles in practice. The Guru of Thekkan (Southern) Kalari is sage Agastya Muni and guru of Vadakkan (Northern) Kalari is warrior sage Parasurama. Though the real accounts of the ancient Indian history have faded away with time due to a series of invasions that India underwent, there was undoubtedly a rich Indian culture and tradition that created a healthy society. This glorified past of the land of Bharatam or Bharat, which later came to be called as India can be traced in various parts of the country and the Southern state of Kerala in particular. Several South Asian martial arts are believed to have originated from Kalari and still share many similar fighting techniques.

Of these Kalari, other than being a martial art form has various dimensions to it and was developed for a greater cause by the Indian seers. It was a martial art form practiced by men and women of all ages thereby building a healthy society. They specialized in one or more of the important weapons of that period including the spear, sword, and shield. Kalari also teaches various techniques of fighting with bare hands that include steps (Chuvadu) and postures (Vadivu). Kalari tournaments were often held with much pomp and splendor. These fighting arenas were also the recruiting ground for the warriors of erstwhile king’s army. Thus once thrived a society that was healthy and committed to helping others to lead a good life.