Indimasi is the conceptualisation of a dream, a miniature version of what its founder Yogi Shivan envisions for the whole world. Indimasi has its origins in India’s traditional health management system (yoga&Ayurveda). The venture, by virtue of its Indian roots, uses the prefix ‘Indim’ to indicate the local ancestry of the wisdom. The suffix ‘Asi’ is derived from the last syllable of Tat Tvam Asi.  Indimasi was born from the spiritual journey of one man’s arduous yet enlightening discovery of his true self over a period of 28 years. This true self, he realised, is possible for all. Yogi Shivan’s ardent hope for a better world has resulted in a self-sustained wellness village that promotes an example of living life at its fullest, without fear of disease, anxiety and depression, and the knowledge that the possibility of a disease and its cure is installed by nature within the system, like two sides of a coin.

At Indimasi, healthcare integrates body, mind and spirit through Ayurveda (yoga & Ayurveda) and Kundalini Yoga. The wellness village has this offering to make to the world: teaching the key to living in harmony with the laws of nature. The human body, in spite of the fast-paced ways of the world, can be trained to consume the elements of nature in the best way possible. Nature is the source of disease and cure within the human body. There are many ways to beat an illness as practised over the ages in India. Of all the paths, Kundalini Yoga remains the most recommended by ancient sages. A serious spiritual seeker is welcome to discover this school of yoga at Indimasi under the mentorship of Yogi Shivan.

Under his guidance, Indimasi unifies the therapeutic process with the science of the Absolute to stimulate an individual’s natural healing potential. This procedure initiates a microcosmic rewiring at the constitutional level that leads to robust and systematic healing.

The intrinsic philosophy is to empower the individual to embark on a process of significant personal growth culminating in the awareness of the self.


The four sacred texts of India, the Vedas, form the foundation of the philosophy of Yoga. The central truth and essence of the Vedas is exemplified by ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ (That You Are), the grand pronouncement derived from Sama Veda—the third of the Vedas.

Tat Tvam Asi means that Brahman—the creative, unchanging yet indefinable principle underlying the universe—is the same as the individual’s inner self, essence or soul. The realisation of this truth arises from an intuitive experience that cannot be inferred by our conventional senses.

The gurus of yore pointed out that human suffering lay in an individual’s ignorance of the inner energy that remains naturally dormant. It is possible to awaken and realise this inherent energy by living in harmony with nature while practicing the simple discipline of Kundalini Yoga. Ancient Indian society that epitomised this practice, showed us comprehensively that by understanding this vast inner reservoir of energy, one could find refuge within oneself to achieve total release from human suffering, leading to a life of contentment.

Indimasi aims to re-acquaint the world with this ancient, venerable and immortality-inducing wisdom exemplified in the expression—Tat Tvam Asi.


The goal is to enable an individual to embark on a soul-searching pilgrimage into his inner sanctum through Kundalini Yoga. It facilitates total healing through awakening one’s intuitive faculties by transcending the intellect and promotes a simple self-actualising life principle that can be practised irrespective of location and weather.

Indimasi sees itself accomplishing a multi-faceted vision as follows:

  •  Propagate the contemporary forms of ancient yogic techniques that can be experienced within and explained scientifically.
  • Initiate a conscious change at the individual level that will form the foundation for a universal change by inspiring people to attain own problem-solving capabilities.
  • Restore the vanishing traditions of India by enabling in-depth study and research on the subjects.
  • Facilitate research that will help distinguish the many possibilities of Kalaripayattu—Kerala’s traditional martial art.
  • Facilitate the psychoanalysis of historical temple arts of Kerala—namely VelakaliKolkaliThullal and Koothu.
  • Organised seminars and meetings to explore the relevance and possibilities of India’s traditional customs and religious beliefs.

Ayurveda Village

Ayurveda & Yoga Village


The prefix ‘INDI” denotes the ancestry of Indian wisdom which lays out the path to attain self-realization and the suffix ‘M-ASI” – the last syllable of ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ (Thou are That), the essence of Samaveda. Indimasi provides an opportunity to experience the healing powers of Mother Nature. We assure you a holistic experience combining the benefits of Ayurveda, Yoga and Kalarippayattu. Through meditation, breathing exercises and proper diet, it is possible for everyone to explore the infinite possibilities of self-healing.

Why Indimasi?
Re-establishing the Indian method of healing – focusing on establishing a union between the body and mind through Ayurvedha and Kundalini Yoga.

Indimasi provides the connecting link between Siddha Yoga, Introduced by the great sage Agastya Muni, to modern world:

. The purity of living in a traditional village, but with modern amenities.
. Authentic Ayurveda Treatments.
. Initiation into Siddha Yoga tradition. All levels of Yoga practice with certificate courses.
. Southern and Northern style of Kalarippayattu with certificate courses.
. Organic farming along with dairy farm creating opportunity to familiarize with different farming methods.
. How to utilise food as medicine.
. Research facilities in Yoga, Kalarippayattu, temple arts, naturopathy and community living.
. Heritage Walk to familiarize with the region’s historic past.
. Workshops, lectures, seminars and exhibitions on health-related subjects.
. Daily stage programs such as classical dances, music and temple arts.


INDIMASI Yoga Village is established on the principle of leading a life of sharing and caring in co-existence with Mother nature. The lush green, nine-acre campus has a treatment facility, residential villas and amenities such as a swimming pool, outdoor theatre, meditation room, organic restaurant and research facilities for Kalarippayattu, Ayurveda, Yoga and traditional temple arts. Food has great healing power and a proper diet can significantly improve the quality of life. That’s why we’ve incorporated organic farming and a dairy farm. We harvest organically grown fruits and vegetables which are available through our in-house Yogic restaurant.

Nadi pareeksha is adopted to analyse and estimate the strength and balance of Thri Dhoshas- ‘Vata, Pita, and Kapha’. It is a traditional diagnostic system prevalent since ancient times.

Kalarippayattu is an Indian traditional martial art that originated in Kerala. The oldest martial art still in existence, Kalarippayattu gave birth to modern martial arts like Karate, Kung fu and Judo.

Closely associated with Yoga and temple rituals, this art is capable of leading the practitioner from physical and mental disciplines to spiritual enlightenment.